Alisa & Ari

International Speakers, Teachers, and ThetaHealers

Together we have dedicated over 30 years to alternative and holistic healing

Our vision is Expanding Consciousness into the world through love, presence, and joy 


☀︎ We believe there is an Energy of Creation, a Pure Consciousness, creating and connecting All-That-Is

☀︎ We believe that we are all part of this Pure Consciousness and that it is our birthright to be consciously connected with it

☀︎ We believe that this Energy of Creation is pure love, presence, joy, peace, and harmony 

 ☀︎ We are very grateful that we have received the grace of being on the path of Consciousness together

☀︎ We are happy to share this Energy of Creation through love, presence, and joy with others 


Love and Gratitude